Sunday, 11 December 2011

Is my head in the clouds or stuck in a fog?

What a week. 

I understand that there are advantages to having my head in the clouds.  After all, without lofty goals to motivate me I would accomplish nothing.  Of course, this must be balanced with a measure of reality, or I will not ever be able to feel even moderately successful.

Oh, how I wish this had been a week of daydreaming about the glories of being a successful writer; organizing book tours, discussing movie rights, negotiating the amount of my advances for the grand works that are sure to follow my freshman novel.  What marvelous week it would have been.  I could almost justify that fact that I accomplished absolutely nothing during the course of the last 7 days.

Not a single line composed.

Alas, my head wasn’t floating in clouds of grand illusions.  It was stuck in a fog.  Not just a normal morning time fog that fills the low lying areas  only to quickly burn off with the morning sun.  We’re talking the pea soup, industrial revolution London, stick around for days on end kind of fog. 

You see, I had a head cold.  Surely I would have preferred the flu or perhaps strep throat, but I had a good old-fashioned cold.  My body felt fine but my head was stuffed with cotton.  I couldn’t think straight if my life had depended on it.  So I slept and took copious amounts of cold medicine, the latter only being effective enough to allow me to function in my domestic duties.  Higher level thinking was completely out of the question.

Oh well, these things happen.  What is important is that I do not let it weigh me down.  Now that I am feeling somewhat back to my normal state it is time for me to get back to the task at hand and finish my current short story (which should have been done 2 weeks ago, oh well).

On a side note – I’ve taken a temporary contract working at a local college which means two things.  First, our family will have a little disposable income and we can build up our savings.  Secondly, I will have to commit to writing in the evenings. 

I think I can make this work or at least I had better because…

Come hell or high water, I am starting this novel at the beginning of the New Year!

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